Thursday, May 21, 2015

Alex gets a job!

(Just like Kimmy Schmidt!)
That’s right, folks. I’ve rejoined the ranks of the employed. I was really excited to be hired at the agency I’ve been working at this past year as an intern. I started last week and so far the transition has felt really smooth and natural. I’m still doing individual therapy with adults—I just see a lot more people now that I’m full-time.
I think I was nervous about a job search because, when I graduated from B-school several years ago, it took me months and months (like, maybe 9...I'm not kidding) to find a full-time job. (#RECESSION) I went on so many shitty interviews for jobs I wasn't even remotely interested in. I was so desperate, left wondering where all the shiny opportunities I had been promised were hiding. I worked at a consignment store to bide my time and pay for food (I LOVED it but didn't work/make enough), but I didn’t feel very good about myself. I have definitely appreciated work more since then which has been valuable perspective. Anyway, the point is, this time around was much smoother—I updated my resume, had a couple of interviews, a background check, yadda yadda—and now I’m working. Easy as pie. (I don’t actually think making pie is easy but it’s something people say, okay.) I have been fortunate to work with a number of stellar folks over the years (especially my CCHMC ladies, and sometimes I forget that Eli and I were coworkers once upon a time…), but so far I have enjoyed the actual work of therapy more than any of my previous job tasks. It feels good. 
Finally, a story about a special new job omen: 
I’m no longer sharing two different offices which is awesome in and of itself. The new office I was assigned came with a few pieces of art, a desk, and a couple of chairs. One of the prints is an Eliot Porter photograph of California's coast--- almost the exact photograph I took with my dad on a pull off of CA 1 near Big Sur during our trip a couple of months ago. I thought, "how great! what are the odds?" I remembered the view and my photograph instantly and very distinctly. I told my dad and he was like (admittedly paraphrased), “Well, Alex, it is one of the most scenic and well-known stretches of coastal highway, so it’s not THAT surprising.” It’s like, thanks for thunder-storming on my parade, Dad. Just kidding. My parents are taking me, E, and E's parents out to dinner at the end of the month to celebrate all of this good change, and I’m really looking forward to it. 
I feel thankful—somewhat excited to settle into a routine and also scared to settle into a routine—but ultimately, I feel thankful. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Funemployed On Tour

Eli told the rest of the band (jokingly, kind of) that I was coming on tour and I wasn't leaving until I got a job. I hopped on the bus in Atlanta last Saturday, and I'm writing to you from Austin today. In Dallas last night, Sean's mom complimented my blog (thanks Kathleen!), and all of the sudden, I remembered I have one. Hi blog friends. Here's a quick update.

I graduated! I am a master! Yesterday was my official graduation day back in Cincinnati, but I opted out of the ceremony in favor of tour and some time with my main dude. E's promised a fancy dinner on our day off tomorrow, and I'm feeling pretty good about that celebratory plan. I visited Austin for the first time last year and promptly caught a stomach bug (you can read about that adventure here), so-- knock on wood-- this year we're doing it right. The barbecue in Texas is, to use the language of our time, everything

The past week on the road has been a good one. Highlights include The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg and my solo exploration of the French Quarter one afternoon. I had never been to New Orleans and already I'm planning my return. That's one thing about tour-- cool stuff in small doses. You're left wanting more. But I'm not complaining. 

The band boys are working really hard, as usual. I've been skipping a lot of their promo to work on ending my funemployment and to catch up on some freelance projects. WALK THE MOON's fans continue to be incredible, bringing so much energy, passion, and beautiful artwork every single night. I'm blown away. 

More to come, I promise. I have to hop off now-- I'm joining a promo outing in a few minutes, and my computer cord situation is most definitely a safety concern. I hope to have happy job-related news to report soon, and to use this space to more thoroughly process my feelings around graduation. 

Thanks, as always, for reading. You're the best.

And I'm coming home soon.

St. Petersburg is covered in beautiful murals. Who knew?


Instead of getting a tarot card reading in New Orleans (which I have never before been moved to do but briefly considered), I visited a butterfly garden. I think I learned the same stuff. 

Even though Ultimate Pool frightens me, I've enjoyed several late nights-- like this one, last night-- sharing stories and beverages with this silly cast of characters. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Bertrand Russell's Ten Commandments

Oh hi. 

Things are pretty wacky over here-- I promise to publish a "life updates" post after I finish my four remaining graduate school assignments, three of which are due tomorrow. Meanwhile, I wanted to check in and share something I've been thinking about with you. I recently happened upon this list in a dark, philosophical corner of the Internet, but it was originally published in Everyman magazine in 1930. I really like these ideas, and I thought some of you might appreciate them too. 

Until next time, if you're wondering where I am and what I'm doing, just know that I am busy trying to be the person Mr. Russell describes. 


Bertrand Russell's Ten Commandments

  1. Do not lie to yourself.
  2. Do not lie to other people unless they are exercising tyranny.
  3. When you think it is your duty to inflict pain, scrutinize your reasons closely.
  4. When you desire power, examine yourself closely as to why you deserve it.
  5. When you have power, use it to build up people, not to constrict them.
  6. Do not attempt to live without vanity, since this is impossible, but choose the right audience from which to seek admiration.
  7. Do not think of yourself as a wholly self-contained unit.
  8. Be reliable.
  9. Be just.
  10. Be good-natured.

Monday, March 23, 2015

A California Adventure (Alternate Title: The Last Spring Break of My Life, probably)

Last week, my dad took me to California as a grad school graduation present during what was likely the last Spring Break of my life. I know that I've enjoyed more SBs than most and I should quit whining, but still, it's a sad thought. TimeHop informed me that I've somehow managed to be in California during March in 3 out of the last 4 years (the other year I was in Pittsburgh, which was also awesome). I don't know how I've managed that, but I intend to keep up the streak as long as I possibly can.

Initially, I intended to write a comprehensive retrospective, but I definitely can't remember everything we did (because we drank a lot of yummy California wine we did a TON of stuff), and I certainly can't remember every thought I had about what we saw. I can barely remember all the semi-relevant thoughts I've had today. But, for the truly interested, I've included a list of iPhone snapshots with explanatory captions below (in no particular order). 

Mostly, my dad and I talked to each other-- about our family, friends, about the things we saw, about books. I got some insight into my parents' marriage; often, Dad said, "your mom would really like this," and, "I'm going to bring her back here." Even though we have wildly different opinions about how many maps are needed and how many questions should be asked, I am really grateful to have experienced this beauty with him. I may never again see the Giant Sequoias, but I won't soon forget them. It was a truly good trip. 

Thanks, Dad. I hope we get the chance to travel together again. 

We met up with Eli and Jesse for a party bus tour of three wineries. This photo was taken (by my dad) at stop #2-- the most scenic by far.
Taken at Musée Mécanique in San Francisco. We finally figured it out in the fourth frame. 
Taken during a walk along Scenic Road, Carmel. 
More from Scenic Road, Carmel. 
Taken off of CA 1-- short hike near Big Sur. 
Elephant seals near San Simeon. They were mating or molting according to the posted literature-- difficult to tell. 
Hearst Castle (although WRH called it a ranch). I want all of the air around me for the rest of my life to smell like the orange blossoms do here. 
Even the light was magical at Hearst. 
Tide pool in Cambria. Attacked by seaweed shortly after this photo was taken. 
I crawled into a Sequoia hollowed out by fire and looked up-- Sequoia National Park. 
Eli and I are growing a Giant Sequoia in a pot in our kitchen. In approximately 2,000-3,000 years, it'll look like these. 

Making friends. I was really into the trees.